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Helen will be speaking at the
Bristol Loves Bugs Healthy City Week event on October 22nd, 2016 at City Hall in Bristol. Other speakers include Professor Tim Spector - recent author of 'The Diet Myth'
Helen gave a presentation at the Royal Society of Medicine's 'Food: The Forgotten Medicine Conference, June, 2016. Other speakers included CEO of Public Health England.
See Helen's article 'Ask the Nutritionist' in this January's Crumbs Magazine Page 1,
Page 2.

Listen to Helen live on the Steve Yabsley Show - Radio Bristol October 12th

Helen now practicing from The Practice Rooms in Clifton, Bristol see consultation page

See Helen’s article ‘Don’t count calories after Christmas, but still lose weight’ in January 2012 edition of Cotswold Life


W e l c o m e

Living with an on-going health problem that medical treatment finds difficult to cure can be draining and debilitating. Feeling healthy helps us live full and happy lives, but many people are confused about which steps to take to get there. If you:

  • Are living with on-going ill-health, recovering from a bout of illness or have general health niggles
  • Feel confused where to go for professional nutrition/mind-body health advice which can safely complement your medical care
  • Want help to manage stress
  • Want to maintain optimum energy levels and resistance to ill-health
Book a soul food consultation

During your consultation I will provide you with personally-tailored nutrition, supplement and natural remedy advice, mind-body medicine and self-care lifestyle recommendations based on the latest scientific findings. These will all safely complement any medical treatment or other therapies you may be receiving.

Helping to nourish your body and feed your soul through the use of nutrition, natural supplements and mind-body medicine.

Helen Cooke MA (Complementary Health Studies), BSc (Nutritional Medicine)


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