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The National Institute of Health (USA) has found that calcium intake often falls below recommended levels, even among professed supplement users. Roughly 25% of supplement users, and 71% of nonusers, did not receive the recommended daily amount of calcium. Supplement users also were more likely to boost their intake of magnesium and zinc above recommended upper limits.

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Although not essential, I may suggest laboratory diagnostic functional tests, which can be useful to take a snapshot of your nutrient deficiencies and identify underlying biochemical imbalances on which to focus. As a qualified practitioner I have access to a wide range of scientific tests where blood (often a simple DIY prick-test), urine, saliva or stool samples are analysed in approved medical laboratories. A full comprehensive report will be returned to me for interpretation.

Although an initial investment, these tests can be beneficial to help target supplement recommendations. Although some people have nutrient deficiencies, many people do not and are therefore buying expensive supplements they simply do not need. I will discuss the issue of testing with you during our initial consultation.

Functional tests can include:
  • Gastrointestinal stool profiles: microbiome parasitology, mycology testing and digestive function

  • Cardiovascular profiles: e.g. cholesterol, homocysteine to evaluate your risk of cardiovascular disease.

  • Food sensitivity (IgG and IgE) testing: A simple and reliable way to test for food sensitivity

  • Metabolic and nutrient status profiling: This is an organic acid test which can give information about nutrient deficiency. It can provide a thorough overview of your health status, including detoxification pathways and gastrointestinal bacteria.

  • Hormonal profiles including adrenal, thyroid, and hormone profiles

  • Essential fatty acid (EFA) profiles: Omega 3 and 6

  • Single nutrient analysis, e.g. vitamin D or magnesium

Although functional tests can diagnose an imbalance in your metabolism, I am not qualified to diagnose an illness or medical condition; this would need to be confirmed by your GP.

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