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See Helen’s article ‘Don’t count calories after Christmas, but still lose weight’ in January 2012 edition of Cotswold Life


Pomegranates health giving properties have been demonstrated in a recent trial involving kidney patients on haemodialysis. The patients took 100mls of pomegranate juice three times a week for 12 months. At the end of the trial significant improvements were found in heart health measures including triglyceride, cholesterol levels and blood pressure readings. They also reduced the number of anti-hypertensive tablets needed to reduce their blood pressure.
American Society of Nephrology 44th Annual Meeting. Abstract FR-FO-1660. Presented 11/11/11.

The National Institute of Health (USA) has found that calcium intake often falls below recommended levels, even among professed supplement users. Roughly 25% of supplement users, and 71% of nonusers, did not receive the recommended daily amount of calcium.Supplement users also were more likely to boost their intake of magnesium and zinc above recommended upper limits. further information 10.10.11

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