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"Mind-body medicine" refers to techniques such as breathwork, mind-clearing and relaxation exercises. We now have good scientific evidence from leading professionals in the field that these types of approaches can have a significant therapeutic effect on the interaction between the mind and the body.

As well as being enjoyable to practice, they can also help bring the body back in to balance at a physiological level (reducing the heart rate and breathing rate), positively supporting your body to heal itself. Studies demonstrate these approaches can have beneficial effects on sleep, stress, chronic pain, high blood pressure and immune/hormonal function.  Left unchecked, on-going stress and poor breathing can lead to the onset of many of our common health complaints – such as high blood pressure. As most health conditions have a stress component, I recommend learning these approaches to complement the nutritional changes you are making to help you achieve optimal health.

balanced stonesThese tools can become invaluable, helping calm you and manage stressful or anxious/emotional times in your life more effectively. Being simple to learn, they can easily be integrated into everyday life.





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