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What people say

"Helen has a caring, yet down-to-earth approach. She helped me recover from painful age-related arthritis. I never thought I would be so free from pain again”

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Nutritional Medicine

I work from a Functional Medicine perspective

This approach to nutritional therapy helps us quickly get to the root cause of your problem by exploring where any metabolic or biochemical imbalances may lie, which we can then seek to address - helping to restore and maintain optimal health.

During our initial consultation I will take an in-depth account of your individual situation; past medical history, family history, diet, medications and lifestyle. Having gained a clear understanding of your situation I will work with you to ensure all the advice I give is simple, achievable and cost-effective to undertake.

I will provide you with
  • Personally-tailored nutrition, supplement/natural remedy and functional testing advice 
  • Mind-body medicine techniques and advice about lifestyle and complementary health approaches

Please note: nutritional and mind-body therapy is not intended to be a replacement for medical care via your GP or specialist medical team. I will ensure all recommendations can safely complement any medical treatment or other therapies you may be receiving.

An 80:20 approach

I love food/cooking and believe it to be one of life’s true soul pleasures, so I will
ensure recommendations are not overly restrictive or punishing! Depending on your situation, I will frequently advocate an 80:20 approach: Suggesting you are mindful about what you eat for 80% of your week, allowing you to be more relaxed for the other 20%.

All advice is based on the latest scientific findings

I’m currently Nutrition Lead for the Portland Centre for Integrative Medicine and regularly teach nutrition to a wide range of health care professionals (including a new Diploma in Integrative Medicine). During 2015/16 I’ve taught medical students at Bristol University on several occasions. I also gave a presentation at the Royal Society of Medicine in London in June 2016. These teaching commitments ensure I keep up to date with the latest research in nutritional therapy.

Functional testing

Although not essential, I may suggest laboratory functional tests, (such as digestive/stool tests/vitamin deficiencies/food allergy/intolerance, hormonal or liver function profiles) which can be useful to confirm key imbalances on which to focus. Although functional tests can diagnose an imbalance in your metabolism, I am not qualified to diagnose an illness or medical condition; this would need to be confirmed by your GP.

These tests help target supplement recommendations; although some people have nutrient deficiencies, many people do not and are therefore buying expensive supplements they simply do not need. All the labs I use are highly reputable and include Genova Diagnostics/Biolab/Acumen/Invivo/Nordic Labs and DNAFit.

I am delighted to be one of the first handful of approved health specialists to be working with 'Map My Gut' - an organisation led by Professor Tim Spector from Kings College, London. This enables me to order the 'MMG' microbiome test which will provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your gut microbiome. The results enable me to create personalised advice on nutrition and lifestyle to increase diversity of your microbiome with the aim of enhancing gut health.


I do not routinely prescribe supplements, preferring to help you get the nutrients you need from making changes to your diet. Sometimes however supplements are necessary to achieve the levels required to bring about a therapeutic effect. If you are taking any type of prescription medicine from your GP, I will need to clear the use of any supplements with your GP first. I can provide you with access to the highest-quality supplements on the market, which are at times only available via qualified practitioners. I am not affiliated to any vitamin companies and I will be pleased to offer all new clients supplements at trade price, saving you between 25-40% off high street or internet prices.

Natural remedies

I can direct you to appropriate natural remedies, such as good quality over-the-counter herbal remedies to aid sleep, low mood, stress, colds and improve symptoms of the menopause. There are bewildering arrays of such remedies available, but I am happy to help you consider which ones would be most beneficial for your situation, based on the latest scientific evidence. I can also check that they are safe to use alongside any medication you are taking.

Lifestyle approaches and complementary therapies

These may include approaches such as yoga, acupuncture, massage or simply going to the gym! I am happy to advise which of these may be particularly beneficial for your situation and direct you to reliable resources including national practitioner listings to enable you to access these approaches and therapies. I hold a Masters Degree in Complementary Health Studies and have worked in whole-person health initiatives which integrate these approaches into their programmes for 25 years, so have a considerable amount of experience in this area.


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